I worked with Gail for over a year during a time of great difficulty in my life. With her advice, encouragement and techniques I was able to make life changing choices and was amazed at the results. Gail used a number of different ways to help me work through past issues, make good changes and choices in the present, and develop reachable goals for the future. Currently, I am reaching said goals and feel I owe a great deal to Gail's empathetic, knowledgeable and professional approach. Whilst I no longer have regular sessions, I still employ Gail on an as and when basis when I feel things are slipping or I lose sight of my self confidence. - Lisa
Loved the notebook she gave me! I've come to realise how important it is to have time for me - so I can  reflect on where I am and what I want, thats not easy to do in a busy life with work, children, husband and dog all wanting bits of you!! - Ali
...although I am not a woman I know how easy it is to talk with Gail and how wise and empathetic she is. If you are stuck in a rut give her a ring. - Mike
Gail truly empowered me to change my life. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help. She is an absolute star. - Cathy
Week by week, working with Gail, she showed me how to face my issues, deal with them in a safe environment, grieve where necessary and eventually move on. She signposted me towards other help and support . She let me  disentangle the mess within my head by taking baby steps. - Marie
...she is so easy to talk to, we talked about what I wanted to achieve, broke things down into manageable chunks. She supported me every step of the way!! - Nic