The art of clarity


Feeling stuck, don't know which way to turn?
Anxious, overwhelmed, unfulfilling relationships, work life balance awry, lack of focus?
We all get a bit lost from time to time, our inner voice struggling to be heard.
I can help you regain clarity in your life, rediscover your old dreams or discover new ones.
Support you to find your way forward and fulfil your true potential.

Based in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

My name is Gail and I have 14 years experience of working with people who wanted to change direction, helping them to identify and achieve that change, be it discovering a new professional direction, working with addiction and trauma, unhealthy relationships and work life balance. I have spent 8 years working in the homeless sector, then 3 years, up to and including the present day, working with vulnerable women.

You may need someone to talk things through with, to ask you probing questions, to challenge your assumptions and to see situations from different angles. Sometimes you just need someone to sit and listen without telling you what you should do, how they would do it or what happened to them and this is what I can do for you, if you’d like me to.
Sometimes life change just can’t be done by yourself, you need some help and that’s where I come in, its easier to identify areas to change by talking to someone with the capacity to listen

Disentanglement is here to help disentangle unhelpful thought processes, support you to identify and achieve your goals; it is about  helping to refocus, rediscover or indeed change, ones direction. Working together to identify and achieve goals. Each client is unique and will have different goals they want to achieve; my aim is to assist with the process of identifying and achieving those goals creating a bespoke service which utilizes different techniques such as; CBT, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Motivational interviewing, and NLP, to assist and support my clients in achieving their dreams.

How it works..

Free, half hour, consultation is where we meet and agree terms and conditions.

We decide a schedule and set goals, dont worry, these are as flexible as you want them to be, they're there for structure.  

Ideally a course would be between 5 and 12 sessions, so that change can be achieved and sustained, however we can work together for as long as it takes to achieve disentanglement.

Each session lasts an hour and can be face to face, by telephone or skype.

Ongoing sessions, at a pace to suit you. 

I am mobile and we meet in your own home, or away from it if required,  we can use telephone or skype, whichever is more suitable.

Price is £50 per session. Concessions are available.

So if you have the desire, commitment and motivation to change, contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation.

                                  Start living your dream today.

                                                                                                                      Contact details:- email        [email protected]
telephone        07544 851 586